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Broadband In Your Area
Intimate Knowledge

We care as much about the systems we provide after we hand them over to you as we do when we’re designing and building them together. You have repeatedly told us that having the experts that built the system on hand to support it is a huge bonus. The intimate knowledge we have of your environment adds a level of insight that another third party will struggle to deliver.

Single Source

Simplistically we prevent finger pointing. A typical infrastructure is made up of many components and numerous vendors have a shared interest. Backup for example will experience problems that can be traced back to the OS author, the server manufacturer, the application developer, the storage array, the network, the tape library, the network interface card, the SAN, the SAN HBA, the media, and so on. Finding the source of the issue becomes your problem and your risk; whilst at the same time you are managing communication with the multiple vendors that all want to blame each other.


Instead ISL takes this responsibility on. We become your prime contractor for fault resolution, rolling up all your third party maintenance and support arrangements under our own service promise to you. We know the environment but importantly we have influence over the vendors. They trust our opinion and should matters need escalating we can gain direct access to expert resources.

24x7 Expert Access

It’s not rocket science. You call a dedicated 24x7 support number; they check your details, and contact one of our Consulting Technicians via a new invention called a mobile phone. Depending upon the service contract you have with us they can be in contact with you within 30 minutes and working on the problem.


What so many of our customers like about our Support Services is their flexibility. There is generally a low cost of entry with our Bronze plan which can be supplemented with what we call Support Credits. The level of sophistication and cost then rises to our silver service which includes unlimited calls, remote access, and a Support Credit balance for on-site attendance, 24x7.

Where is Gold or Platinum you ask? If Silver Plus doesn’t meet your needs then you are really then in the realms of a Managed Service. There we have shinier more precious objects.