ISO 27001 and ISO 22301

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 standard is designed to help establish and maintain an effective information management system, using a continual improvement approach.  The standard incorporates best practice recommendations on information security management.

Recognised internationally, ISO 27001 credentials can give your business the competitive edge and can be the difference in winning tenders where information security is critical. 

ISO 22301

ISO 22301 provides guidance on the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in ensuring business continuity and minimising risk in the event of storm, flood, fire, sabotage, or any other incident that could have a business-critical impact on your ICT infrastructure, operations, applications, processes, people or systems.

It is estimated that 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster.  ISO 22301 outlines methods and processes that evaluate your organisation's readiness to recover ICT services to pre-determined levels within timescales required and agreed by your organisation.  For advice on ISO 22301 certification and to improve the robustness and resilience of your Information Security Management Systems, please contact ISL.

How we can help

ISL can guide you through the six step ISO 27001/ISO 22301 certification process to ensure your success.

STEP 1 Preparation ISL can provide training on what is involved.
STEP 2 Application ISL can prepare your situation analysis and action plan.
STEP 3 Pre-Audit Assessment ISL can prepare a detailed report and advise you of actions required for a successful Audit Assessment.
STEP 4 Audit Assessment There will be a formal on-site Auditor's assessment.
STEP 5 Registration & Certificate Your registration will be reviewed and, if approved, your certification will be confirmed.
STEP 6 Continual Assessment You will have annual reviews to ensure you continue to meet ISO 27001/ISO 22301 requirements. 


Find out how ISL can help your business to improve its competitive edge by becoming ISO 27001/22301 certified. 


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