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As Microsoft Business Partner and specialist in Microsoft Lync, ISL can replace, integrate and enhance your existing business phone system with a feature rich Unified Communications solution. 

Microsoft Lync enables your business to be connected wherever they are, and reach the right person first time.  As a solution that has no time zone restrictions the multiple communication methods such as instant messaging, conferencing and enterprise voice, help to drive down travel telecom and IT costs, whilst improving productivity.


You can do much more with chat, you can share photos, files and links, plus you can join a web conference with voice audio and video.


When you know the status of a user you learn their willingness to communicate at that point in time, plus some additional notes such as location, status and how they can be contacted. Presence assist users communicate with colleagues when the time is right and what type of communication is the most appropriate. For example a user could initiate a video call when Presence advised they are Available or send them an instant message when their status if set to Busy.

Lync & Skype Connected

Lync-Skype connectivity enables Microsoft Lync users to communicate with hundreds of millions of Skype users worldwide.  This connectivity enables Lync customers to communicate directly with their suppliers, customers and partners on Skype whilst still using and relying on the richness of Lync.

On-premises and hosted environments

ISL can deploy Microsoft Lync Server at your Head Office or remote site, and work with you to migrate to Lync or integrate with your existing phone system.  Either on premise or hosted, with ISL you will get a regular updated solution that as a service-based offering delivers faster deployment and flexibility than traditional phone systems.

What’s New in Lync

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