Unlimited fibre broadband

Internet Speed Checker

Superfast totally unlimited data usage via fibre broadband with improved speeds for high quality, high volume downloading, simultaneous streaming and sharing (VOIP or video conferencing).  High performance, reliability and resilience at a fraction of the cost of a leased line.

Key features:

  • Fast upload speeds of up to 19Mb/s
  • Superfast download speeds of up to 76Mb/s
  • Asymmetrical bandwidth
  • Uncontended ratios

Bonded ADSL

Internet Speed Checker

Twice the bandwidth and resilience built in with our bonded service.  If you need more bandwidth for Voice over IP or simply web browsing then our bonded service is the answer.

Fully pre-configured and managed by ISL we can link together up to a maximum of 4 ADSL circuits so with ADSL 2+ we can achieve 96 Mb download bandwidth and with fibre a massive total of 300+ Mb.



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