Way beyond the mobile phone

ISL are a trusted Vodafone Business partner helping to design, install and roll-out their broad spectrum of solutions that go way beyond the mobile phone.

Small Business, Corporate or Public sector Vodafone have a wealth of smart solutions that enable your business to be better connected.

One Net Business

Vodafone One Net Business is an IP cloud based communications service that delivers all your fixed phone and mobile communications through a single platform.
Linking you Company landlines to your mobiles, they become as one, with a single voicemail, single communications system and one bill from one company.

What is One Net Business?

Find out what it’s all about, and how it can help your business to be more responsive.

One Net Enterprise

  • Everyone has peace of mind that calls will be routed to mobile, fixed-line and soft phones simultaneously, with messages stored in a single voicmail box.
  • Additional features include presence information showing who is available at any time, instant messaging and simple to use video conferencing
  • It’s a much easier system to administer too, with a single supplier enabling unified and centrally managed billing, reducing management time and cost

How Vodafone One Net Enterprise works

Bring your fixed and mobile communications into one seamless IP-based platform. We’ll put the system in place and manage it for you, helping you to find better ways of working.

What it gives you

  • IP-based platform

    Using IP within our mobile network means better call quality and fewer dropped calls than traditional products.

  • Communication tools

    Share tools across mobiles, desktop devices and instant messaging - such as conference and video calling, webinars and sharing.

  • United mobiles and landlines

    Calls come in through our mobile VPN – meaning you can call office-based colleagues and extensions from mobiles for less.

  • A single provider

    And a single helpdesk for your fixed and mobile connections, with reliable flat-rate monthly bills and in-depth reporting tools.

Vodafone Red Sharer

Share your data allowance across your employees so they can make the most of it. And get a single bill for the whole team, not matter what device or plan they’re on .

Find a more effective way of working by:

  • Giving your employees the freedom to work remotely
  • Simplifying the way you communicate
  • Managing your devices remotely

Vodafone 4G for business

Our Red Business 4G-ready plans give you twice our normal data allowance so you can stay connected all the time.

Check your signal strength

What kind of signal can you get? Use our coverage checker to find out.

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